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Scout 3 weeks old, Spartanburg
Leviath-an is a female Albino Burmese
Python. She was about 2' long here
shortly after hatching. She is now
almost 6' two years later. Greenville, SC.
Thor is a juvenile Green Basilisk
"Mmmm... Chocolate!" Black Velvet Chinchilla
Max, an acquaintance of Scout, about 5 months
old. Standard Grey Chinchilla in Spartanburg.
Lots of room for fun in this big cage which is home
Mia a 3 year old chinchilla from Travelers Rest.
Synadontis Haugi (?) A rare african catfish
Spike from Virginia
Rocket & Crackle are lovebird buddies from the
upstate area. A mutated peach-face and a black mask.
Otis & Sugar.  He is a Hairless Dumbo
Bolt a black blaze rat. Sister to Glaze,
now living in Taylors, SC.
Glaze Dumbo Blue Blaze female rat
Caesar is an Umbrella Cockatoo who lives in