November 9, 2008 Meeting  
This month Dr. Sue Ann Hurlbert from HealthPointe Veterinary Clinic came and gave
us a detailed presentation on bird care. Beak and feather nutrition were the main
talking points, but so much more was covered. We also got to see a slide show on
the reconstruction of a ducks bill. This is a prosthetic surgery that has to be redone
every few months & takes one to two years to complete.
She handed out some extremely informative fliers and really taught us new ways in
dealing with old issues for the betterment of the birds. We also discovered that her
office deals with chickens as well due to a new "groupie" who raises & shows
Dr. Hurlbert says that ducks make excellent pets, but if that is not your cup of tea, try
a cockatiel for a first bird.