Upstate Small Animal
Mice, when worked with and tamed down can make a calm, non-assuming pet that is
fun and easy to care for. They will ride in your pocket or on your shoulder for lengths of
time, not eat you out of house and home and still provide companionship in a manner
that is both easy on the nerves and soft on the eardrums.

A small cage will keep two mice happily enclosed as long as they have a running wheel,
some tunnels or obstacles and things to chew on. A diet of mouse seed mix or a
hamster & gerbil seed mix with additions of fresh fruits and vegetables is a good staple.
Other treats can be added as well.

The bedding should consist of aspen shavings with some nesting material such as
tissue paper or "fluff". A hide box for them to sleep in and run into when scared should
be provided. You can use a miniature litter pan in the corner to help keep the cage
somewhat cleaner, but all items will still need to be washed frequently.

They are very curious animals and once they determine something new is not going to
"get them", they will come soon be all over it investigating.

Females normally get along quite well together once "whose kitchen it is" has been
established. Males will get along fine as long as there are no females present or they
have grown up in the "family environment" and one bold young buck doesn't "test his
fathers waters". Then it is war... Very brutal, sometimes fatal.

Mice come in so many different colors and even fur types nowadays. The white "lab
mice" or "feeder mice" carry the genes of many different colors that are just hidden.
Black mice are not far from the natural agouti coloring (brown with a hint of speckles) or
"wild mouse". Chocolate, blue, golden, siamese and cream are just a few colors to
mention. You then find these color patterns in two tone factions and more rarely in
three. The patterns have also variegated into spotted or merle coats from the standard
"cow" type of duality. Then these colors can come in satin (shiny) fur, curly, long hair or
any combination of these coat types!

Fancy Mice
Spiny Mice
Fancy Mice with Himalayan
Young Spiny
nocturnal as
you can tell
by the large
eyes, they
have an
tail and
short, hard
bristle fur
over the latter
half of their