Upstate Small Animal
These are the pets we have known and loved for years.
They have the personality of a sleeping bulldog…. Just
give them a minute to wake up! A small piece of fruit or
vegetable is a great way to make friends.

An important thing to watch for in new hamsters is wettail.
This is essentially diarrhea, but if the cause of the problem
is not addressed, it could become serious. Any sign of
wetness around the base of the tail means you should
take your pet off of any seed mix and feed oatmeal or
even cheerios. A veterinarian can treat this illness before
it progresses too far. There is also an over-the-counter
medication that can help.

Relieving stress is one way to overcome wettail. Picking up
your hamster in a two-handed scooping way will help to
keep him calm.  

Having an appropriately sized wheel inside the cage for
the hamster to run in is important to his mental health as
well as physical. He needs the ability to relieve stresses
and boredom and running is a great outlet for this.

Lots of chew items are good for this rodent to help keep
his teeth in check. A variety of treats, twigs and blocks at
all times will not let him get disinterested.

You can use a variety of types of bedding for hamsters.
The aspen shavings are the type of wood chips to use.
You can use the paper beddings for hamsters. It comes in
a variety of colors. I would not use the normal gray one as
it is the most dusty. They enjoy having a fluffy fuzzy lining
for their bed.

An 8" ball is good for the full sized hamster to get exercise
in outside of it's cage. The dwarf hamsters will need to use
a 4" ball. No more that two hours a day total ball time.
Please only put
one hamster in the ball at a time! (Yes,
this does need to be stated.)

A small bowl of food filled once a day is plenty. With the
addition of a small amount of fruits and vegetables on a
daily basis and his menu is complete. Plus a water bottle
of course.
This is a Syrian Honey Bear

Chinese Hamster

Siberian Hamster

Syrian Hamster
This Syrian Hamster is known as
a Teddy Bear or Long Hair
Hamster. Some of these guys get
very long hair.
Have you tried these
common household
foods as a treat for
your pet?

Corn Flakes
Bran Flakes
Shredded Wheat
Wheat Flakes
Rice Puffs
Shredded Wheat
A Siberian Dwarf Hamster may
come under many names mostly
due to coat color. All have
virtually the same physical
characteristics; a few are
believed to have a slightly better
personality. The Russian, Robo,
Winter White and others fall
under this category.