Critter Care Company

For your pet, the next best thing to me!
Servicing Upstate South Carolina's pet care needs.  We cover all
types of animals from household pets to exotics and farm.
Offering training and basic to advanced information plus all
forms of care: sitting, walking, cleaning, feeding, & playcare.

Pet sitting done your way while you are gone is important for the mental
well-being of your pets.
 Following your method of care is how we
deliver our quality service, not "standard operating procedure".

The dog trainers are certified and proficient in reward-based concepts.
Rewards include: Treats, Praise and Pets

The information specialists work from both hands-on experience as
well as professional knowledge and book learning.
 There are many
various areas from which data may be collected.   Including answering
what those food facts really mean for your different pets and how what
you feed will affect them in ways you may never have even guessed at.

Part time or full time care may be what you require if you have a busy
 A walk in the afternoon, feeding in the evening or just some
active (or non-active) company.

Don't have time to clean the cage, pen or yard and that aquarium
needs a water change, let us take the worry away and get it done for

When you are researching getting a new pet (or a current one) and are
looking for honest, understandable information, call us.  This is an area
we specialize in that no one can compare.  The real what, why & how of
specific pets.  Questions you may not even think to ask yet are  
important to you as well as your pet.  

Although each animal will have it's own personality, yes there are some
stereo-types.  What you need to know after the generalization catagory
has been fitted.
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us as we get

Thank you.
With reasonable fees our services provide you with peace of mind as
well as unsurpassed care for your pets.
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