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Upstate Small Animal
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Chinchillas for sale

Standard Grey Males  $50
Standard Females       $100
Black Velvet Male       $150
Pink White Male           $200
Beige Male                   $100
Beige Female               $150
Ebony Males                $100
Ebony Females            $150

Call Jessica at 864-641-8936 or
864-595-8828 for more
information and pedigrees.

Black, Golden,
Brown or Bi-colors
to choose from.
Male or Female.

2 for $5.00

Fancy colors including
Siamese, Himalayan, Gold,
Brindles, Bi-colors,
Tricolors, Chocolate, Black,
White, Blue and more.

Satin coats or normal. Long
hair or short.

.50 to $2.00 each

Soft Furred
African Rats
for sale. Male & Female
available, Colors in
Blonde, White, Brown
and combinations.

$5 each or 3/$12.

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Small Animal
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When your pet has a bite wound or
scratch that is not too serious you can
use a light spread of Neosporin or
triple antibiotic ointment on it. This will
aid them the same as it does us. As
with any medicine though, please use
with caution.
A more serious wound will require a
trip to the veterinarian. You will also
most likely get an antibiotic to be given
orally as well for infection. For many
small pets, this may prove  to be a
challenge. Hamsters are one of the
easiest…. Stick the syringe into the
ample cheek area and eject fluid. For
rats, Guinea pigs and the rest,
hopefully it will be an enjoyable flavor
that they will quickly learn to lap off the
end of the syringe. Rats, in my opinion,
are the worst and the medicine usually
ends up dotted all over you and the
walls. Make sure the vet has given you
a little extra!
Please feel free to call us or log into
our website at www.upstatesmallpets.
com for more tips

Were you aware that kudzu
has a very high fiber
A use for this nonsense that
spreads across our land is to
eat it. Guinea pigs will
gobble up the leaves and it
is actually a pretty healthy
diet for tortoises also.
Yes, the kudzu cookbook is
for real!
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