Upstate Small Animal
Have you ever thought
that your choice in pets
was... Unusual?

Well just because it
isn't a Dog or Cat
doesn't mean you can't
take it out and socialize
with it and others who
may have the same

Those of us at U.S.A.A.
Love our small, exotic
pets and want to share
that with people in our
These are some of the most
common questions that have been
asked by pet owners.
(We answer
most inquiries within 24 hours)
reason this club is here is to
One: Help people learn about
their pets.
Two: So people and
their pets can socialize and
have fun with others of a like
Three: To allow the pet
community to better understand
it's options and to get honest
information from someone who
knows and that does not have an
ulterior money-related motive.
Please contact us with any
questions you may have. The
only "dumb" question is the one
that isn't asked that could
have been the one to save you
or your pet some discomfort. We
all have to start at the
beginning of each journey. Let
us enjoy yours with you!

Does my guinea pig need shots?

Want to see who's rat can run
through a maze the fastest? Or
even how to build that maze?

Can my parakeet talk?

My child wants a reptile for a
pet. Which snake or lizard
would be the best choice for a

What color is your chinchilla
if it is not a standard gray?
How can you tell the quality
between grays?

What is the best invisible dog fence for my pug?

I thought fish/animals only
grew to the size of their cage.
Mine has outgrown it's home and
I can't get a bigger one.

What is the best first pet for
my kids? All my friends
recommend something different.

I bought a turtle or hermit
crab at the beach. They said
"This is all it needs." I feel
it might need more, but what...?

You think sugar gliders are
really cool and wonder what it
is like to own one....!

My friend has this great pet
who does awesome tricks, so I
got the same thing, but mine
won't do anything. What is
wrong with it?

My fish tank won't stay clear
and chemicals just are not
helping. What else can I try?

What is the difference between
a Siberian,a Syrian or a
Chinese Hamster?
This website was created to let people with
pets get together and have fun with their
pets. We gather periodically where we are
able to bring our various types of pets and
socialize. Sharing information and having fun
are our main goals.

This is a non-profit organization and all
donations are happily accepted to help with
the upkeep of the website as well as they
also go towards different rescue groups in
the area.

The current economics have made us forgo
our monthly meetings and membership drive
for the time being. If you have any questions
on any type of animal, please contact us for
help or advice.   
Click this link to
donate to animal
rescue. All you have
to donate is the

Animal Rescue

Thank you.
This is a link to view common
everyday homeopathic
remedies or addatives for a
healthier lifestyle for your pets.
These are things that you can
find in your kitchen or your
back yard.

Homeopathic Remedies
Board of Directors

Executive Director : Alice Gobeille
Overall direction of club, Responsible for non-profit and buisness schedules.
President : Tina Clark
Overall direction of club, Responsible for gaining sponsors, assigning committees,
leading meetings.
Vice President : OPEN
Responsible for members and committees.
Treasurer : Karen Rahl
Responsible for financial report and fundraising.
Secretary : Jessica Goethe
Responsible for minutes and newsletter.
Donations to Upstate
Small Animal Association
may be made through
this button and will be
used as you request for
site upkeep, rescue
needs, membership or
Funding for our Non-Profit
website is being provided by
Critter Care Company

For all your pets needs:
Sitting, Walking, Feeding,
Cleaning, Playcare,
Training, Information
Birds, Dogs, Cats, Reptiles,
Fish, Small Mammals, Farm,
Exotic, Pond

For your pet, the next
best thing to you...is me!
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Garden Club of
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Upstate Small Animal

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